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In the News!

Read exciting news about the Patil Laboratory members and their research!
Heart Conference.jpg
Heart Development and Disease: From Genes to Cures 
Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2023


Professor Sachin P. Patil recently attended and presented findings at the 'Heart Development and Disease: From Genes to Cures' conference hosted by Keystone Symposia in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The conference gathered researchers from around the world to advance knowledge and understanding of heart formation and homeostatic function and how derangement in these processes lead to diseases and organ dysfunction.

Dr. Patil-Guest Editor.png
Dr. Sachin Patil- Invited Guest Editor


The NanoBio Lab is proud to announce that Professor Sachin Patil has accepted the invitation to serve as the Guest Editor for a special issue titled “Alzheimer's Disease: Small-Molecule Modulators of Novel Therapeutic Pathways” by the journal Pharmaceuticals (IF 5.215).

Widner University Iconic Moments


What a wonderful way to end 2022! Proud to see our NanoBio Lab and two of our research students featured in this Widener University video (00:08), highlighting the iconic moments of 2022! Congratulations Madison Radnoff and Autumn Bender!!

Patil Lab Members_Careers.jpg
Congratulations Team Patil!


The NanoBio Lab is pleased to congratulate its latest graduates from Chemical and Biomedical Engineering and wishes them all the best in their respective career paths. Looking at your placements (Merck, Sanofi, AstraZeneca, Kite Pharma, Jefferson University, Kings College of London), it seems like we have successfully covered major pharmaceutical and health innovations! 

Dr. Patil-Guest Editor.png
Dr. Sachin Patil- Invited Guest Editor


The NanoBio Lab is proud to announce that Professor Sachin Patil has accepted the invitation to serve as the Guest Editor for a special issue titled “Small Molecules Targeting Protein-Protein Interactions (PPIs): Current Strategies for the Development of New Drugs” by the journal Pharmaceuticals (IF 5.863).

PD1-PDL1 interaction.png
Heart Disease Grant 


Patil Laboratory received the prestigious Heart Research Grant, from the W.W. Smith Charitable Trust to study small-molecule stabilizers of the PD1-PDL1 protein-protein interaction. Congratulations Team Patil!

4ZQK-5N2F Overlap_3.png
Cancer Research Grant 


Patil Laboratory received the competitive Cancer Research Grant, from the Gordon Charter Foundation to discover bioactive PD-L1 dimerizers for potential applications a variety of tumors expressing PD-L1 on their cell surface. Congratulations Team Patil!

Switzerland-Dr. Patil.jpg
ESMO Immuno-Oncology Congress
Geneva, Switzerland, 2019


Professor Sachin P. Patil recently attended and presented findings at the Immuno-Oncology Congress by the European Society for Medical Oncologists (ESMO) hosted in Geneva, Switzerland. The congress brought together the international community of immuno-oncology stakeholders to present their latest findings from the basics of immunotherapies to the latest research results, from understanding different treatment options to management of toxicities and interpretation of new data.

Criswell Robotics Lab on TV


The launch of Alan J. Criswell Robotics Engineering Laboratory, was prominently featured on several major news outlets, including NBC and ABC news.

Dean Patil-Alan J Criswell.jpg
Alan J. Criswell Robotics Engineering Laboratory  


Dean Patil recently connected with one of our distinguished alumni, Mr. Alan J. Criswell, to discuss various ways industry-academia collaboration can help Widener students. The result is the launch of our first and only named state-of the-art lab, “Alan J. Criswell Robotics Laboratory”! We are grateful for Dean Patil's initiative and Mr. Criswell's generous financial and technical support for this lab, which has since then become the centerpiece of our robotics engineering education. Our students are forever indebted to you both!

Merck_Vex-Dean Patil.tif
Dean Patil Launches Inaugural Robotics Competition


Dean Sachin Patil successfully launched the inaugural VEX Robotics Competition at Widener University that proved to be unprecedented in terms of size, excitement and flawless execution. This highly successful initiative, in our opinion, is going to continue to raise the reputation of our new Robotics Engineering program launched under Dean Patil's leadership, as well as the Widener University as a whole for years to come!

Dr. Patil and Jeremy Hofer.png
Patil Lab Member Featured  


Yet another success story from Patil Lab! This time it's very special and for a reason. Hearty congratulations to Jeremy Hofer, a Computer Science major, for being prominently featured for his cutting-edge cancer research work with Dr. Sachin Patil. Being a childhood cancer survivor himself, applying the computational skills to discover novel immunotherapies against cancer gives a whole lot meaning. Congratulations again, Jeremy! We at NanoBio Lab are proud of you!!

Dean Patil- Robotics Engineering.jpg
Dean Patil Launches A New Robotics Engineering Major  


As Interim Dean of Engineering, Professor Sachin Patil feels immensely proud to launch and nurture the newest and 6th major in Robotics Engineering! Here is the highly talented inaugural class of Robotics Engineering!! With such bright young minds, Widener University is sure to shape the US and world workforce and economy for years to come. Keep working hard and continue to make us all proud!

Merck_Dean Patil.tif
Dean Patil Welcomes Top Merck Leadership


Dean Sachin Patil ushered Widener School of Engineering into an exciting era of unprecedented academia-industry partnerships. His vision of enfranchising industry in Widener's efforts of educating and training its students as the future workforce talent has been very fruitful with the establishment of unprecedented partnerships with major industry players in pharmaceutical, manufacturing, automation and technology areas. Bright future ahead for Widener-Merck partnership! 

AIMS Award- Atomwise Inc.


Patil Laboratory was named one of ten recipients of the very first Artificial Intelligence Molecular Screen (AIMS) Awards. Atomwise launched the Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Drug Discovery program to broaden the pool of scientists pursuing drug discovery. To advance this goal, Atomwise will award researchers with a customized virtual screen using cutting-edge AI technology, free chemical compounds for physical screening, and technical support. Congratulations Team Patil!

Dr. Sachin Patil Appointed as Interim Dean of Engineering


Professor Sachin Patil recently transitioned into a new role at Widener University as the Interim Dean of School of Engineering. In this administrative role, Dr. Patil will be responsible for launching our 6th and newest undergraduate major in the cutting-edge area of Robotics Engineering. He will be responsible for setting up and successfully executing various priorities to usher the School into an unprecedented growth era. Congratulations Dr. Patil!

Photo 6.JPG
Widener Summer Research Symposium


Many congratulations! The newest NanoBio Lab team member, Juliette DiFlumeri (pictured) presented her pioneering work on 'Drug Repurposing for Cancer Immunotherapy' at the Summer Research Symposium (SRP) at Widener University. She received the best research poster presentation award in the Engineering & Chemistry category. Hearty congratulations Juliette! Keep it up!!

ASEE Mid-Atlantic Conference


Congratulations are in order! The NanoBio Lab team members, Griffin Walawender and Michael Visconti (pictured) presented their exciting new findings on 'Cancer Immunotherapy' at the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) conference at Penn State Berks. They received the best research poster presentation award. Hearty congratulations to both of you!

Senior Project Day


It's celebration time! The NanoBio Lab team presented their exciting  'Cancer Immunotherapy' research during the Capstone Design Project Day and received the best research poster presentation award among over 20 project teams across the School of Engineering. Many congratulations team! (From left to right- Associate Dean Sachin Patil, Anthony Klingos, Madison Fink, James Proulx, Marie Herb, James Fisher, Erika Enley and Dean Fred Akl)

Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Grant


NanoBio Laboratory team eceived the prestigious CGI grant for year 2016-17. The primary focus of the grant will be on a cutting-edge, cancer immunotherapy project, under the guidance of Professor Sachin Patil. Congratulations Team!

Honors Week


Cassidy Kerezsi, Bridget Hicks and Alexandra Jednorski presented their novel findings regarding cancer research during the Honors Week Presentations. The title of their presentation was "Molecular Dynamics Investigation of Potent Anti-Cancer Drugs". Congratulations Team!

Alzheimer's Association International Conference (AAIC2014), Copenhagen, Denmark, 2014


Dr. Sachin P. Patil recently presented his research work at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC2014), held in Copenhagen, Denmark. The presentation title was ‘Glycolytic Control of LXR-APOE Regulatory Pathway in Astrocytes’. This work was funded by the New Investigator Research Grant (NIRG), an ongoing two-year grant awarded to Dr. Patil from the Alzheimer’s Association.

Promotional Video


Bridget Hicks (Chemical Engineering) and Cassidy Kerezsi (Biomedical Engineering) were featured in the promotional video for the Widener University School of Engineering. Congratulations!

Honors Week


Alyson Gramo-Penston, Cassidy Kerezsi and Nichole Dantoni presented their novel findings regarding cancer research during the Honors Week Presentations. The titles of their presentations were "Repurposing FDA-approved Drugs against Cancer" & "Engineering Novel Drugs for Cancer Therpay". The presentations received good reviews from the attendees including Provost Wilhite and Dean Akl. Congratulations!

New Investigator Research Grant (NIRG)


Patil Laboratory received the prestigious, New Investigator Research Grant (NIRG), from the Alzheimer's Association to study potential cross-talk between major metabolic and protein abnormalities associated with Alzheimer's disease. Good job Team Patil!

Senior Project Day


Ryan Ballard, Sheena Sanchez, David Santangelo and James Osborn presented their exciting  Alzheimer's disease research during the Senior Project presentations. They received the best award for both the poster and the oral presentation among over 20 project teams across the School of Engineering. Many congratulations!

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